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Once you open your Stewardship Savings Account, then all of our products and services will be available to you.

What You Need To Do

First: Become a member at the credit union! It all starts by clicking on “Open an Account” on our website. Membership is established with a Stewardship Savings account, so we will fund your first dollar for you! Then, you can add on any of our great lending and banking products!

Second: Once you’re a member, instructions will be sent to your email about how to get into your Online Banking for the first time. Once there, you’ll see the Stewardship Savings account already funded, as well as any other accounts you have with us!

Third: After you log into your Online Banking, you’re then able to log into our Mobile App which we have through Google Play and iTunes! This app allows you to take a photo of a check and deposit it straight into your account! 

Fourth: Apply for a credit card with Lutheran Federal Credit Union. We offer a great rate and no fees! We do encourage everyone to pay their credit card bill in full each month, but if you know you are making a larger purchase and need to space out payments over time, ask about our Whatever Loans. Just know that we are here for you with reasonable rates and great customer service.

Fifth: Seek us for any of your lifestyle loan needs. Browse our lending products and apply online anytime!

Sixth: Since you’re a member, it means anyone in your immediate family can become a member as well, and if they might have any lending needs, feel free to send them our way! We would LOVE to have them as members!