Lutheran Federal Credit Union
Serving the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Community
LutheranFCU. Good for You. Good for the Church.
    Disaster Response
    Our prayers go out to those impacted by Harvey, Irma, Maria, and the fires in California. As a credit union, we understand that people often need cash – especially after a natural disaster. We also understand that the ability to start repaying any loans may be hindered in the period immediately following such a disaster. As such, we are offering loan opportunities to all members of LCMS congregation who reside in counties declared disaster areas.
    LutheranFCU offers a number of loan products to meet your financial needs, from auto loans, to home loans, to credit cards, to whatever loans – loans to use for whatever your need may be! Whether you want to reduce interest rates on your loans or make a new purchase, LutheranFCU is ready to assist.
    Ministry of
    the Month

    LutheranFCU was established specifically to be both good for you and good for the church. During October, when you make qualifying purchases of $1,517 on your debit or credit cards, or when you take out a new loan with LutheranFCU, LutheranFCU will provide a cash reward back to AND that same cash reward back to the Ministry of the Month.
    In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, for a limited time LutheranFCU is offering a special credit card balance transfer opportunity: 5.00% for the life of the balance!