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What is Lutheran Federal’s routing/transit number?

Lutheran Federal Credit Union’s routing/transit number is 081086742.

How do I get cash?

There are lots of ways to get cash from your account. Being a part of the shared branching network, you have access to over 5,000 branches nationwide that you can do a withdrawal with a teller. OR, within that same network, you have the ability to use over 30,000 ATM’s penalty/fee free. OR, when you swipe your debit card at a store, you can use the cash back option to get some money. You have options!

Why do I have to be a member?

Credit unions differ from banks by having members’ as opposed to ‘shareholders’. The credit union movement is based on the simple premise of people helping people. By becoming a member of a credit union, you also own a piece of it and your voice can be heard. Our mission at Lutheran FCU is the same.

How do I become a member?

To become a member with Lutheran Federal, you must open a Stewardship Savings account with a deposit of as little as $1. We make this easy to do by offering our easy New Member Online account opening .

How do I apply for a loan?

Applying for a loan is easy! We have a very user friendly online application for our members. Simply determine which loan you would like to apply for by going to our Loans page. Complete the application, press submit, and a Lutheran Federal Credit Union staff member will contact you within 1 business day.

Is it secure?

Protecting our members’ privacy is of great importance to Lutheran FCU. We conduct business by adhering to strict confidentiality procedures that protect your financial assets, as well as your personal information. To even further your security, keep all your passwords private, don’t provide your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to others, and review your eStatements promptly for any unauthorized transactions. It is the responsibility of the member, to protect account and personal information.

What does this credit union do for the LCMS?

  • The credit union is a way to connect our LCMS membership to each other and be a part of a group.
  • Our LCMS member’s deposits are used to help other LCMS members achieve home ownership (mortgages) and transportation (auto loans). Plus, we offer many more services and daily financial products that are essential to household living.
  • The credit union replaces secular providers whose profit interests do not benefit the LCMS.
  • The credit union is a source to cross promote the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) to a broader audience. (Cross promote LCEF investment accounts and cross promote LCEF ministry message)
  • The credit union provides a lower cost option for checking accounts for congregational and LCMS entities (savings puts money back into ministry).
  • The credit union allows us to expand Roster Church Worker mortgage lending at favorable rates in all 50 states. Currently our church workers are served in only 16 states for mortgage loans by LCEF due to regulatory constraints. Our Rostered Church Workers are underserved in 34 states. The credit union gives equal access to favorable mortgage loans to all Rostered Church Workers.
  • The credit union serves as a sponsorship source for ministry. The credit union will spend/provide advertising and sponsorship dollars at schools and congregations.

Does Lutheran FCU offer an Online Bill Pay option?

Yes, we do! You can access Lutheran FCU’s bill payment system by logging into your online banking account and choosing the Bill Pay option under the My Banking tab.

  • There is NO cost to members to utilize this service.
  • Make a payment to almost any company or person: Use Bill Pay to pay your monthly mortgage, utilities, credit cards, local merchants, and even friends.
  • Comprehensive payee list: you can select your own payees, plus there are predefined payees (like major utilities) that you can select with a click.
  • Pay bills automatically: set up recurring payments, like your mortgage and car loans, to be automatically made from your account — save time each month and never be late with a payment.

Are there any prepayment penalties charged on Lutheran FCU loans?

No prepayment penalties exist on any of the Lutheran Federal Credit Union loans offered.


I love the remote deposit feature on the mobile app. After I remote deposit my check, what should I do with the check?

Once you have made your remote deposit, hang on to your check until it has posted and is showing in your mobile banking. You may then discard of the check. We suggest you hold onto it for 30 days.

How long until the remote captured check deposit funds are available?

Usually, the funds deposited will be available within 2-3 days business days, but the deposit will be reviewed prior to posting as part of our fraud monitoring policy.

Are my deposits insured?

All funds deposited at credit unions are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the Federal Government.

Can I have my paycheck directly deposited from my employer?

Lutheran FCU would gladly accept direct deposits. Please ask your employer to set up the direct deposits and give them your Lutheran FCU checking account information. Your checking account information will include your member number plus account number. Our routing number is 081086742.

How can I change my mailing address or contact information?

Updating your information is so easy. Just log in to your Online Banking account and choose the Contact Information option under the My Profile tab. Here you can update your physical address, mailing address, email address, or any phone number.

How do I order checks?

If you are ordering checks for the first time, you can call our office at 314.394.2790 Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM TO 4:30 PM and we will gladly assist you.

If you are reordering checks, you can do this from your online banking application. Log in and go to the tab “My Banking”. It is helpful to have a blank check or your reorder form located in your last order of checks. To reorder you will need our ABA Number (081086742), and then enter the exact same numbers on the bottom of your check that signify your member number, account number and control number. Please select “reorder” from the drop-down and continue.

You will have the opportunity to choose from a full selection of designs available and customize your checks.

Once reordered, you should receive your checks in 7 to 10 business days.

Can I apply for a loan it if I am not a member?

Lutheran Federal Credit Union will gladly accept a loan application from any existing member. You can access the online membership application here. Once you become a member, you may apply for any of our loans and a good portion of the loan application will already be pre-filled for you with all of your membership information making it a simple and quick application process!

Can I pay off my loan faster?

Lump-sum repayments can be made at any time with no penalty. In addition, increasing your standard repayment amount on loans will reduce the time it takes to pay off.

How will I get my title once I have paid off my auto loan?

If your loan is paid-in-full, you will receive the title within 10 to 12 business days. It will be mailed to the address we have on file. If it is an E-Title, it is usually printed by the state and mailed directly to the owner.

What does joint ownership with survivorship mean?

Both account holders have equal rights to access the account, transfer funds, withdraw funds, close the account, etc. On the death of an owner of the account, the deceased owner’s shares in the account pass to the surviving owner of the account.

Can I access my accounts and bill pay on my mobile device or tablet?

Yes, you have two ways to do this. You can access your accounts and the bill pay system via your online account with us from your mobile device or tablet by visiting www.lutheranfcu.org. You can also access your accounts and the bill pay system via our mobile banking app on both Android and Apple/IOS mobile devices and tablets.

What are the Terms and Conditions for the LFCU mobile app?

All terms and conditions applicable to Lutheran Federal Credit Union Online Home Banking apply to Mobile Banking services. Web access is required to use Mobile Banking. Mobile service provider download and usage charges may apply. See your data plan service provider’s terms and conditions. For online banking terms and conditions, please refer to your Membership & Account Agreement.